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Custom Handmade Jewelry from The Outpost

Custom Handmade JewelryThe Outpost proudly offers the custom handmade jewelry of distinguished local artist Teri Ellis to our customers. In addition to great gift baskets and quality gift boxes, you will now be able to come to The Outpost for unique handmade jewelry. Bead and pendant styles, for chokers and bracelets, are a specialty but every piece is unique so you can never be quite sure what you will find each week!

Distinctive Handmade Artisan Jewelry

Everything Teri Ellis does for The Outpost is unique; this is the nature of handmade artisan jewelry. Although there may be a similar piece offered in the future, once a bracelet or necklace is gone there will never be another piece exactly like it again. This means that you should check on our inventory of custom handmade jewelry often because it will change constantly. It also means that if you see something that you like you had better act quickly. There is no guarantee that it will still be for sale next time you check in with The Outpost!

Unique Handmade Jewelry: Bead and Pendant Sets

Sometimes when we are especially lucky Teri Ellis will create a set of unique handmade jewelry. Bead necklace, bracelet and earring combinations make beautiful jewelry ensembles. When you see one of these extraordinary sets, order it immediately! You can not be sure when there will be another set available. All of this fine handmade artisan jewelry is created right here at The Outpost and if you have any specific questions about the current offerings, email Teri at Please remember, because each piece is a handcrafted unique work of art, they are only available in the specific size and color listed.

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