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Creative, Custom Gift Boxes

The Outpost is dedicated to bringing everyone high quality goods from the North Country. Our custom gift boxes are a great sampler of the items we carry and you can send a gift basket to anyone. In them you will find delicious candy treats and Croghan Bologna. Our quality gift boxes were designed as a kind of care package for anyone who finds themselves missing the North Country. They make the perfect gift for anyone familiar with the area, from the area or just fond of delicious food. We also offer family gift baskets creatively packaged to reflect the North Country.

Fun Family Gift Baskets

The Outpost currently offers three distinctive family gift baskets, each with their own charm. There are two different selections available in our North Croghan line, each packed in a picnic basket. Four Fort Drum selections are available in a drum shaped basket and the four offerings in our Adirondack line are packed in fishing baskets! Each is filled with delicious North Country treats and they are all priced under $40. They are fun and delicious, making them a unique treat that anyone would love to receive.

Delicious Quality Gift Boxes

We also offer quality gift boxes. They are a little easier to ship safely and are also much easier to give to travelers who may not want to take a basket as carry on luggage! This makes them a perfect gift for business associates. The Outpost also has a full selection of North Country products, so you always have the option of ordering exactly what you want and creating your own custom gift boxes. This is perfect if you know someone who is a huge fan of a specific product, such as 1000 Island River Rat cheese or Croghan Bologna.

No matter which box or basket you select, gifts from The Outpost will always be appreciated.

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