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Cheese Gift BasketsFor 120 years Croghan, New York has been the source for the world's finest bologna. This is the perfect complement to any of our cheese gift baskets. The Outpost is proud to offer the familiar one pound rings of this world famous bologna in our gift baskets or available separately. Croghan Bologna and 1000 Island River Rat cheddar are extremely versatile. Serve them on crackers to create delicious appetizers that are suitable for cocktail hours or watching Sunday afternoon football or just use them to make the world's best sandwich for lunch!

Thanks to The Outpost you can get these North Country favorites no matter where you are now. We also carry fine New York homemade maple syrup products, candy from Carthage Chocolates and Croghan Candy Kitchen, Wakefield's Honey, Martin's Pretzels and all of the mouth watering gourmet nuts New York State is famous for all over the world. If you miss the North Country, get your care packages of comfort food from us. If you have never even been there, discover a taste of what you have been missing with one of our quality gift boxes and delicious gift baskets.

Delicious Cheese Gift Baskets

The Outpost specializes in bringing the great products of the North Country to everyone. Of course, that means we offer 1000 Island River Rat cheese! We have several cheese gift baskets available that also include treats from North Country candy makers and others. These are perfect for anyone who enjoys fine food that was not mass produced. Three distinctive varieties of cheddar are available (mild, medium and sharp) in 10 ounce blocks as well. 1000 Island River Rat cheese is great with wine, a fresh apple or alone. However, for the ultimate North Country snack, you will want to eat it with Croghan Bologna.

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